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Known Issues


Android 4.4.2 phone:


When creating a task, you must change the time twice to set the start and end time of the task.

Workaround: Remember that the first time might not work, and try again.



The Invite More Volunteers button does not work.

Workaround: use the website version of the site. You may log in from the link in the header on this page.


While using the website version:

If using Internet Explorer (IE):


When creating a task or navigating to a start point of a task, the browser does not automatically refresh your location. (Example: Using the (start/end) location feature when creating a task at the office, then later using the location feature at home.) 

Workaround: Clear cache or enter location manually.


The My account, Settings, and Logout menus are not visible.


Workaround: use another browser, like Chrome or Firefox.


If using Firefox:

When creating a task or attempting to navigate to the starting point of a task, there is no GPS signal available to automatically locate you.

Workaround: Enter your location manually.